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AZ Bounce Pro carries one of the largest selections of bouncer rentals in the whole Southwest. Let us handle the setup and delivery of your bouncer for your special day. We carry themed bouncers to fit almost any type of party or more generic styles for gender neutral parties. We provide a large selection in size, color, and themes featuring your favorite characters. Browse the selections below and click on the image for more information and to make a reservation.

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Does a bounce house ruin my grass?

It is super exciting to rent a big giant bounce house for your party! There are some questions to consider though when renting a bounce house. One of the top questions we get about bounce house rentals in Arizona is “will the bounce house ruin my grass?” The simple answer is “no”. There are ways that a bounce house can ruin your grass – but it’s more a matter of how long a bounce house is set up on the grass and the lack of water it receives while the bounce house is set up on the grass. Simply put – if you don’t water your grass, your grass will eventually die. However that is true whether a bounce house is set up on the grass or not. Most bounce house rentals last a day or two, maybe three days (if you’re lucky!) There is typically no reason your grass should die from a bounce house being set up on your grass for a couple days. Many times when a bounce house is set up and taken away there will be flat areas in the grass where the bounce house was set up. This, however, does not mean that your grass is ruined. This is just your grass being flat. This is the same as stepping on your grass. If you are very worried about your grass having a bounce house set up on it, perhaps consider another area to set up the bounce house. Bounce houses can be set up on concrete, artificial turf, and other surfaces. However when setting up a bounce house on areas like this there would need to be an alternate anchoring method such as sandbags used. The main thing to remember about bounce houses killing grass is that it just isn’t a concern. Just have fun!
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Bounce House Rentals in Arizona

Throwing a party and planning a party can be a difficult chore. You need to coordinate food, drink, cake, and most importantly – the fun! You plan everything for the adults to do at the party but what about the kids? Bounce house rentals are where you can’t go wrong with planning for a party with kids at it. Bounce houses have been around for decades yet every kid still loves to play on them all throughout the day and night! When you are a renting a bounce houses what are you looking for? First off when renting a bounce house in Arizona you should look for a bouncer that perhaps has a roof on it if you are planning a bounce house party during certain times of the year. Renting a bouncy castle in the summer time can be a difficult thing because if the bouncy does not have a roof on it then the surface of the bouncing area can be hot and not comfortable. The months of May through September are when we recommend renting a bounce house with a roof and sidewalls on it because they block the sun’s rays. Renting a bounce house from October through May is an extremely popular choice in Arizona because we have the most beautiful weather in the country. That is why you should consider renting a bouncer very early before your party so that you can have the best selection! There are many different options to choose from when you rent a bounce house. The first thing you want to consider is how big of a bounce house do you want to rent. At AZ Bounce Pro our most popular model of bouncer is our XXL Mega Dome Bouncer that is extra large for even more bouncing capacity. It fits more jumpers in it than a regular jumping castle and has great neutral colors that can really fit any type of party! Make sure when you rent a bouncer that you are renting from a reputable company that has a track record to back up their claims. AZ Bounce Pro has been in business since 2008 and strives to be the very best bounce house rental company in Arizona!
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