Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have delivery fees?
A: Yes, if we are delivering equipment to a location there is a delivery fee.

Q: Do you have a delivery minimum?
A: Yes, we have delivery minimums based on dates and times. It is very difficult for us to take on every single order that comes into our company. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but it is not always possible.

Q: Do you ever sell out?
A: Yes, we sell out almost every single week.

Q: Do you do donations?
A: Yes, we select charitable donations each year that are causes close to us. Unfortunately we cannot take on every donation request.

Q: Why can’t I book with you for my date?
A: 1. We may be sold out 2. You may be out of our service area. 3. We may have a minimum on your desired date.

Q: What is the difference between a bounce house, inflatable, moonwalk, space walk, bouncy thing, bouncer, and a fun jump?
A: These are all terms used to describe the same thing! People call bouncers different things depending on which part of the country they come from.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: You can call us at (623) 236-9591, you can Contact Us via our website, or you can email one of our sales representatives at

Q: How far in advance should we reserve our bouncer?
A: Reserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Our rental equipment books up very quickly! However if you are in a bind and need a rental on short notice, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We do not confirm your reservation until a deposit has been paid.

Q: Is a deposit required?
A: Yes. You are required to make at least a 20% deposit on all rentals. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Q: How can I pay for my event?
A: You can pay your deposit using your debit or credit card. Your balance can be paid in cash, debit, or credit card. If you are a company, church, school, or other organization please Contact Us for information on your payment options. No personal checks will be accepted.

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?
A: AZ Bounce Pro accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?
A: We deliver all over the country. Delivery fees are quoted on a per-job basis. Our primary service area is the Phoenix Metro area.

Q: What is your rain and wind policy?
A: If it is raining, we will not set up inflatables. If it is too windy we will not set up an inflatable. If weather conditions change after setup, no refunds will be granted. Unfortunately we cannot predict or control the weather, but we wish we could!

Q: How much room is needed to set up the inflatables?
A: In general there needs to be a 2 foot buffer around the entire unit. We refer to this as the “Safe Zone”. You can find more information on our Products pages.

Q: How much power is needed?
A: Each unit requires a 110V (standard) outlet. A dedicated outlet is preferred. Each outlet must be located within 100 feet of each unit. Generators may be rented upon request if either of these conditions cannot be met. Some equipment requires more than one electrical hookup. Generators are not included with each rental. They are an additional cost if needed.

Q: What surfaces can bouncers be set up on?
A: Bounce Houses can be set up on grass, gravel, dirt, cement, or asphalt. Please indicate surface type with your reservation. Large slides and other certain equipment must be set up on grass. Please call with any questions. We do not set up equipment on sand.

Q: Can inflatables be set up inside?
A: Yes. The area needs to be large and tall enough to accommodate each inflatable. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Q: Is AZ Bounce Pro L.L.C. insured?
A: Yes! AZ Bounce Pro is a fully insured Arizona L.L.C. We will provide a copy of the insurance policy upon request. Municipalities, schools, churches, and other venues may contact us in advance to make the proper arrangements. The lessee or using party shall be in charge of operation after receiving each unit.

Q: Does AZ Bounce Pro deliver to parks?
A: Yes. However there are busy dates when we do not deliver to parks. Park deliveries take extra time and cost to accomplish and therefore we cap the number of parks we take on in a day. This is the same concept as an airline selling out of first class seats or any other service company selling out of premium services.

Q: Aren’t all bounce companies insured?
A: No, not every bounce company in Arizona is insured. Do not use a company without insurance! AZ Bounce Pro will not compromise when it comes to doing the right thing!

Q: Do adults need to supervise the bouncers?
A: Yes. An adult needs to supervise each bouncer to ensure each child’s safety. We provide event staffing at an additional cost if requested.

Q: Are your inflatables clean?
A: Yes! All of our units are cleaned before and after every event. We also inspect each unit prior to use, and maintain meticulous inspection records for every piece of equipment.

Q: Do the inflatables get hot during summer?
A: Our bounce houses are equipped with roofs. However it may become quite warm in the units during the hot summer months. You may want to try one of our Water Slides during the summer, or use your bouncer in the morning or evening hours.

Q: How many hours do we get the equipment with each rental?
A: Every bouncer rental is for 6 hours. Additional hours may be purchased for $10 per hour. Some equipment, such as photo booths, are an hourly charge, based on the cost of the equipment and supplies.

Q: Can AZ Bounce Pro provide an attendant to supervise the bouncer?
A: Yes, please ask for this additional service when you reserve your equipment.

Q: Is there a cleaning fee?
A: No, not for normal usage. However, if excessive cleaning is needed, a minimum fee of $50 will be assessed.

Q: Can we use silly string on the bouncers?
A: No!! Silly string ruins vinyl. A minimum $500 replacement fee will apply if silly string stains equipment.

Q: How much time prior to the event does AZ Bounce Pro set up?
A: We generally set up 30 minutes to a few hours before the party start time. Your rental charge is for the party time only!

Q: How much ice is needed for the Snow Cone machine?
A: Half pound of ice per serving. Example: For 100 servings you will need 50 pounds of ice.

Q: Does it need to be dark out to operate the inflatable movie screens?
A: Yes. The movie screens operate optimally in darkness. The brighter the area, the dimmer the picture will appear. Please Contact Us with any questions.

AZ Bounce Pro reserves the right to charge additional fees for restricted delivery times, park deliveries, and distance charges. AZ Bounce Pro does sell out most weekends and we cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available at all times. AZ Bounce Pro may have delivery minimum charges on busy dates.

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Great value, great service, great options. Found these guys when we attended an event at my son’s school and they had so many different inflatables. We ordered last minute and they delivered 4 hours early (with my permission of course) and still left it till the end time we requested so we had it twice as long for the same price. These guys are awesome! – Eli H., Phoenix, AZ