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Combo Bounce Houses are a great way to add value to your party rental bottom line. These Combo Bounce House rentals get their name from being a “combination” of the popular bounce house and additional exciting features like, climb-n-slides, popup obstacles, and even basketball hoops. Browse the selections below and click on the image to get more information and to make a reservation.

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Slide and Bounce Combos for Rent

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Dinosaur Themed Party Ideas

A dinosaur themed party is one of the most popular party themes! Dinosaurs are timeless creatures – even though they are extinct! Here are some fun dinosaur theme party ideas that can really make your Dino party roar! 1. Dino Cookies! Get some dinosaur cookies featuring T-rex! 2. Dinosaur Eggs! Try using green grapes in cups and call them dinosaur eggs. You might be surprised how much these healthy treats look like real Dino eggs! 3. Dinosaur ballon arches! Balloon arches have been super popular for parties recently. Create a cool entryway for your Dino party by getting balloon arches at the entry in green, orange, and brown! 4. Dino invites. Invites are a very vital part of any party. Have your invites be Dino themed! 5. Dinosaur Bouncer Rental – of course a Dino themed bouncer rental is ESSENTIAL – of course!
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Disney Princess Bounce House Rental

Are you planning a Disney Princess party for your own princess? Disney Princess has been a top party theme for many years! The pinks, purples, and sparkles of the princess theme fit for any little girls’ party. These parties are super fun and colorful! Why not bring Jasmine, Cinderella and Belle to the party? Girls love to dress up as these princesses for their princess themed party! The Disney Princess bouncer combo inflatable features a nice large bouncing area that features slip-resistant vinyl on the floor to avoid slipping when used as a wet slide combo. The Princess themed bouncer also features a nice sized slide that can be used both wet and dry. Rent a wet bouncer combo for the summer time in Arizona. Renting a water slide combo is a super fun way to keep bouncing fun and also have a water slide! The bottom line is that the Disney Princess bouncer combo rentals are amazing fun! This rental has all the fun of bouncing, sliding, and even has a basketball hoop inside! Rent the Disney Princess Bouncer for ultimate fun!
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What is a Combo Bounce House?

There is a new trend in the inflatable party rental business.  That new trend combines two of the most popular items in party rentals – a bounce house and a slide!  These new inflatable rentals are called inflatable combo bouncers. A few years ago someone came up with the great idea to combine a bounce house with an inflatable slide and put it into one party rental item.  That was a great idea and that has really taken off!  The combo bouncers have become the most preferred party rental item – even more than bounce houses. Combo bouncers come in many different themes and even have custom printing on the outside to really make them stand out.  There are characters printed on some, but the most impressive ones are the ones that have special shapes and forms that really make them pop! The Sugar Shack inflatable combo bouncer is a really cool inflatable combo bouncer that fits many themes including candy land, holiday, and other fun themes that need a bright and shiny theme. The carousel combo inflatable bouncer is a cool carnival themed party rental item that is a unique round shape and with really cool graphics.  This combo bouncer is a great thematic combo bouncer that can be used especially for carnival themed events. Most combo bouncers have a small slide attached to them.  The slide is usually in the range of seven feet to ten feet tall.  The bouncing area of a combo bouncer is usually about a twelve foot by twelve foot jumping area. No matter what you are looking for with inflatable rentals – a combo unit can be the best of both worlds!
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