Inflatable water slides are the most popular summertime rental item in Arizona! Arizona is hot in the summer so it is necessary to add water to an inflatable play structure! Renting a water slide is a super popular thing to do especially around the summer holiday times! There are many options when you are choosing to rent a water slide. You can have small water slides like a 10 foot tall toddler water slide or you can have a massive 40 foot tall inflatable water slide! There are many inflatable water slide options between 10 feet and 40 feet. The most popular water slide height is 20 feet tall. The 20 feet tall water slides are perfect for almost any age group of kids except for maybe the smallest children. When considering renting a water slide you need to look at a couple of things. First is the size of the water slide you are looking to rent. Get a size that is appropriate for all age groups that you may have at your party. Your friendly sales representative at AZ Bounce Pro can help you select a water slide rental that is appropriate for the age groups at your party. The next thing you will want to consider when renting a slide is the theme. The most popular theme for water slide rentals is simply COLOR! Having a really cool and vibrant colored slide at your party is a must! Renting water slides for parties is a simple and easy process. Just call AZ Bounce Pro and rent a water slide today!