Inflatable water slides are the most prominent summer season rental thing in Arizona! Arizona is warm in the summertime so it is needed to include water to an inflatable play framework! Renting out a water slide is a very prominent thing to do specifically around the summer holiday times! There are many choices when you are selecting to lease a water slide. You can have tiny water slides like a 10 foot high kid water slide or you can have a large 40 foot high inflatable water slide! There are many blow up water slide options between 10 feet and also 40 feet. One of the most prominent water slide height is 20 feet high. The 20 feet high water slides are ideal for nearly any type of age group of kids with the exception of possibly the smallest children. When taking into consideration renting out a water slide you need to look at a couple of points. First is the dimension of the water slide you are aiming to rent out. Obtain a dimension that is appropriate for every age groups that you may have at your party. Your pleasant sales agent at AZ Bounce Pro can assist you choose a water slide leasing that is appropriate for the age at your event. The next thing you will certainly intend to take into consideration when renting out a slide is the motif. The most preferred theme for water slide leasings is simply SHADE! Having a really amazing and lively colored slide at your event is a must! Renting water slides for events is a straightforward as well as very easy process. Just call AZ Bounce Pro and rent a water slide today!