Arcade game rentals for events have been all the rage for party rentals in recent years.  Arcade game rentals can be used for many different types of parties and events and should definitely be a consideration for your next special event!

Classic arcade games have always been a staple of special events.  Games like Galaga, Pacman, and Pong are some of the most fun and popular games you can play when you are at an event.  These games bring you back to the glory days of popping quarters or nickels into the arcade and playing against your best friends!

Air hockey is a great game that can be played at special events and parties.  When you are playing air hockey it’s like you are there on the ice and can hear the roar of the crowd in the background!  The air hums and the clank of the puck against the mallets of the air hockey table really bring out the feel of the arcade at your event!

Ping pong is a classic arcade table game that people have loved for decades!  There are event professional ping pong leagues that many people participate in!  We carry a version of ping pong that actually glows in the dark with LED lights!  This has been one of the most popular glowing games for the parties that we do!

There are classic arcade games that have been morphed and changed into giant versions of themselves!  One great example is the giant Pacman arcade game.  This arcade game was released in 2018 to great fanfare and acclaim!  This version of Pacman is over 9ft tall and features awesome nostalgia look and feel!  The lights and sounds will get you competitive juices flowing!

Pong is another absolute arcade game classic that has been transformed into a giant version of itself!  The Pong coffee table arcade game was released a couple years ago and re-introduced the game of Pong to a whole new generation of arcade gamers.

There are many versions of sports games that have been vital to the success of arcades for years and years.  One of the most popular is the classic basketball arcade game shoot!

The classic basketball arcade game has come a long way since the days of a simple Pop a Shot game.  The latest craze in LED glowing technology came to the field of basketball arcades as well.  The Hypershoot basketball arcade was created with giant LED glowing arches and hoops to really dress up the basketball arcade experience!

The main theme of arcade games in the last several years has been to make things bigger, brighter, glowing, and gigantic version of old games!  This trend will continue to get more and more popular as they remake more and more arcade games into classic giant versions!