Teenager Party Ideas

Being the parent of a teenager can be a daunting task. Especially if it is your first teenager as a parent you have to worry about so many different things. Your little boy or girl is at the stage in their life where they are trying to figure out what is “cool” and “in style”. Planning a party that is “cool” is very difficult for a parent as well.

Who to Invite Ask your teenager who they would like to invite to their party. Is it going to be a party for boys and girls? Is it a party in the daytime or evening? When you send out the invites be sure to specify that the party will have adult supervision. You can even ask parents of the attending kids if they can help chaperone the party. This will help put the parents’ minds at ease. You can even have a separate party for adults at the same location so that all the adults can be right there at the party.

Party Planning
When you are planning a party for teenagers you need to be sure that whatever you plan, you keep your kids involved in the process. Find out what they and their friends like to do in their free time. Try to incorporate things they find exciting into their party.

Playing video games and talking through the night may have been fun party activities when you were a teenager, but this may not work for your young adult.

Party Ideas
If you are stuck for teenager party ideas, here are a few popular themes or plans that could work for you and your teen:

-Movie party: Rent an inflatable movie screen and put it up in your backyard or by the pool. This is a very fun option because most teenagers have not seen a movie in their own backyard.

-Inflatable games: Rent some inflatable games like a jousting arena, bungee run, obstacle course, or bouncy boxing. These games remind your teenager of their childhood when they had a bouncy castle at their party, yet it is “cooler” than a regular bouncy because they are able to compete against their friends.

-Mobile video game trailer: This trend is rather new. A mobile video game trailer is a room filled with plasma televisions and video game consoles on wheels. It is great if you want to keep the kids outside of your house, as the video games are self-contained in the trailer.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, grad night, or just a teenager party, the ideas for teenage fun are really limitless. Just remember to involve your kids, have some fun activities, and supervise them at all times.