Table games are a popular item to rent for events because they are familiar to many people and are games that are easy to understand and play!  There is a wide variety of table games that exist for entertainment at events!

The most popular table game – and probably most well known – is ping pong.  The familiar sound of the balls hitting the paddles back and forth in ping pong is a fun one to hear at events.  Often times people really get their competitive juices going when they are playing ping pong for hours and hours.  People really enjoy having ping pong at events and parties!

Shuffle board is a fun game that has existed for years!  The most popular size of shuffleboard table for events is 12 feet long.  A 12 foot shuffleboard table is extremely heavy.  These tables are made from solid wood for maximum stability and durability.  

A table game that is popular but not really a board game is cornhole.  Corn hole has really gained a lot of popularity in recent years.  It is such a simple game of throwing a canvas bag of corn fragments into a board on the other side of a field or room and scoring points.  There are even professional cornhole leagues that have a huge fan base!

Air hockey is another game that can qualify as a table game.  Air hockey is a super popular game for arcades and events alike!  Players compete against each other very similar to real  hockey!  They try to score the puck on each other’s goals and keep score to win!

Foosball tables are another classic table game that can provide hours of competitive fun at any event, corporate party, or school carnival.  Players manipulate their men on each side of the table to kick the foosball into each other’s goal!  This game is very fun and provides opportunity for team work and competition.  There are also giant versions of foosball that can allow up to 16 players at once to play!

Pool tables, also known as billiards, is an old classic game that has been a staple of bars and parlors for decades!  There are many versions of pool that can be played by participants.  It’s really up to the players as to which version they want to play!

When you are working on planning your event you should consider table games as a rental item in the mix.  Table games come in many different versions and configurations so there are many possibilities!