Scottsdale Water Slide Rentals

Do you love to rent water slides in Scottsdale, AZ?  If you are a resident of Scottsdale you know that it gets HOT in the summer!  The Arizona heat makes it hard to enjoy outdoor activities unless you rent a water slide!

There are dozens of different styles of water slides for rent in Scottsdale.  There are slides that range in size starting at ten feet tall for little kids, all the way up to 40 feet tall for large kids and adults!  No matter what size slide rental you choose you really cannot go wrong.

The 20 foot tall water slides for rent are the most popular type of water slide rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona.  These water slides are the most popular because they are the perfect size for almost any age group and are offered for rent at a great price!  Single lane or dual lane water slides in the 20 foot range for rent are super popular all summer long!

When should you book a water slide in Scottsdale?  These inflatable water slides do book up fast especially between the months of April and September.  From Memorial Day through Labor Day almost all of our water slide rentals book up!  Scottsdale is our most frequently rented location because we are located so close to the city of Scottsdale.

How big of an area do you need for a water slide rental?  This depends on the type of water slide rented.  Most larger water slides require about a 20ft x 40ft space to fit properly.  You will just need access to a hose spigot as well to provide water to the slide.

No matter which water slide you rent in Scottsdale there is no wrong decision.  Your kids and guests will be sure to really love their water slide rental!