Inflatable obstacle courses are a fun way to have a huge amusement at your event that allows a maximum number of people to play over a given amount of time.

There are three main reasons to rent an inflatable obstacle course:

  1. Obstacle courses come in many themes! When you rent an inflatable obstacle course you can choose from several different themes that can really make your party fun and stand out. The Boot Camp Challenge obstacle course is a fun obstacle inflatable because it draws in elements from the military and boot camp challenges. This is definitely a fun obstacle course theme if you are looking to add in a competitive element to your event. Another more playful theme is the Fun House obstacle course that is super colorful and bright for your party. It fits perfect with a carnival themed party or event!
  2. Obstacle courses allow many people to participate! While many obstacle courses are only two people going through at a time, their turns are usually very fast and high-paced. This means you can get many people through over a short period of time. This is referred to as throughput. One obstacle course allows three people at once and is called a 3 lane obstacle course.
  3. Inflatable obstacle courses can be for many age ranges! There are obstacle courses that are about 40 feet long that can be for almost any age group. There are also obstacle courses that are more extreme like the Boot Camp Challenge that are for older kids, teens, and adults

No matter the reason, renting an inflatable obstacle course is a sure-fire way to add competition and fun to your next party or special event!