Lounge Furniture and Event Furniture Rental

We rent great looking lounge event furniture for any type of event! We can help you put together a package of love seats, couches, and other lounge setups for your next special event!

All of our event furniture is modular! This means you can make almost any configuration you want! If you want a sofa that can hold 30 people - we can do that. Please contact us to set up a free consultation for your event!

Lounge Seating

Mondrian Lounge Package - 10 x 10
mondrian lounge 10x10
Mondrian Lounge Package - 12 x 12
mondrian lounge 12x12
Mondrian Lounge Package - U 12 x 12
mondrian lounge u 12x12
Banquette Furniture
banquette furniture
Glowing LED Dance Floor
glowing dance floor
Circle Couch
circle couch rental
Baltic Outdoor Collection
outdoor furniture rental
White Event Chairs - Armless
white event chair rental
White Event Chairs - Corner
event corner chair rental
White Event Chairs - Arc
event arc chair rental
Bentley Coffee Table
bentley coffee table
Carlton Coffee Table
carlton coffee table
Mercer Side Table
mercer side table
Glowing Cube Side Tables
glow cubes
White Cube Ottoman
white cube ottoman

Bars and Bar Seating

Glow Bars
glow bars
White Paramount Bar Stool
white paramount Bar Stool
Rivington Communal Table
white rivington communal table
Capital Cruiser Table
capital cruiser table
Avenue Quarter Round Bar
Avenue Quarter Round Bar
Avenue Bar - 6 ft
Avenue 6 foot bar
Regency Tufted Bars
regency tufted bar
Essex Bar Back
Essex bar back
Morgan Bar Back
morgan bar back
Grand Bar Back
grand bar back
White Event Couches
event couch rental
White Event Loveseats
event loveseat rental

Dining Tables and Dining Chairs

Garbo Chairs - Gold
gold dining chairs
Garbo Chairs - Silver
garbo chair silver
Bristol Chairs - Silver
metal dining chair rental
Crescent Chairs - White
dining chair rental
Padded Banquet Chairs
padded banquet chairs
Ghost Chairs
dining chair rental
Modern Farm Tables
farm table rentals
Metropolitan Dining Tables
metropolitan dining table rental
Avalon Dining Tables
avalon dining table rental
Moon Balloon Lights
moon balloon rental