Mechanical Bull Rentals in Phoenix Arizona

Why rent a mechanical bull for a party?

Mechanical bull rentals are a western themed party MUST HAVE!  However it’s not just mechanical bulls that you can use at your party for an ultimate interactive riding experience. Have you ever seen a mechanical unicorn?  Yes, we said mechanical unicorn!

Mechanical bulls have been around for many years.  They have been features in movies, at bars, and been around for parties and rodeos for years!  However many things have changed about mechanical bulls over the years that have added to the exciting and the safety of mechanical bull rentals!

Traditionally people associate mechanical bull riding with getting bucked off and being tossed and turned.  However at AZ Bounce Pro we have worked with the world’s leading manufacturers and procured only the safest mechanical bulls from the safest suppliers in the world.

Our goal at AZ Bounce Pro is to deliver a fun and safe mechanical bull rental experience.  This means that we have fully trained mechanical bull operators that use pre-programmed buttons for the operation of the mechanical bulls. This provides a fun and safe mechanical bull rental experience.  We have had hundreds of thousands successful rides on our bulls.

When you want something really unique you should check out our mechanical unicorns and mechanical shark rides!  These rides are truly one-of-a-kind!  They can be used for a whimsical midivil theme or use the shark for an under the sea theme party!

Oh and do not forget about our mechanical reindeer!  When you are throwing a holiday party rent Rudolph to have a great time!  These rides are truly unique!

Mechanical bulls are a timeless rental item for your party in Phoenix!  Our western aesthetic is the perfect setting for a mechanical bull rental!