Mind Winder incl staff

Mind Winder incl staff Mind Winder incl staff Mind Winder incl staff Mind Winder incl staff

Mind Winder incl staff


per hour


for 2 hours

Single Day Price from $1,950.00


for 4 hours


for 6 hours


for 8 hours


per day


for 2 days


for 3 days

The Mindwinder Carnival Swing Ride is a classic amusement park attraction that is sure to thrill and delight guests of all ages. This high-energy ride features a large, circular platform with seats that swing back and forth as the ride spins around. With its bright colors and exciting movements, the Mindwinder is sure to be a hit at any event.

The Mindwinder is perfect for carnivals, fairs, festivals, and other large events. It can accommodate up to 24 riders at a time, making it a great option for group outings and parties. The ride is suitable for children and adults alike, and has a weight limit of 250 pounds per seat.

The ride operates by using a central pivot point and a series of chains and cables to lift the seats and spin the platform. As the platform rotates, the seats swing back and forth, creating a thrilling and dizzying experience for riders. The ride can be set to various speeds, allowing operators to adjust the intensity of the ride to suit different age groups and preferences.

Safety is a top priority on the Mindwinder Carnival Swing Ride. The ride is designed with sturdy, high-quality materials to ensure that it is safe and reliable. It is also equipped with safety belts and restraints to keep riders secure during the ride. The ride is inspected and maintained regularly to ensure that it meets all safety standards.

The Mindwinder Carnival Swing Ride is an exciting and memorable attraction that is sure to be a hit at any event. With its bright colors, thrilling movements, and safe design, it is a perfect choice for carnivals, fairs, festivals, and other large events. If you are looking to add some excitement to your next event, consider renting the Mindwinder Carnival Swing Ride from AZ Bounce Pro. Our team of experienced professionals will help you set up and operate the ride, ensuring that it is a safe and enjoyable experience for all of your guests. So, it could be a perfect choice for your next event.

110V Outlet:


Actual Size:

Space Required:

60’ L x 60’ W x 14’ H


  • 220V - 50amp - Per Ride

  • Generator Safety Package

    Includes: Fencing, Fire Extinguisher and Grounding Rod

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