Snow Machine 300

Snow Machine 300 Snow Machine 300 Snow Machine 300 Snow Machine 300

Snow Machine 300


per hour


for 2 hours

Single Day Price from $159.00


for 4 hours


for 6 hours


for 8 hours


per day


for 2 days


for 3 days

The SW-300 Long throw can blanket an extremely wide coverage area with an incredibly realistic snow effect.

The Amazing 300 long throw snow machine turns your indoor or outdoor event into a Winter Wonderland by shooting realistic snowflakes into the air. Dazzle your friends and neighbors at parties, winter and holiday events, on parade floats and in stage productions with our snow making machine. An electronic menu and control system make for easy operation and allow the output be adjusted from a fine snow flake to a heavy blizzard effect or anything in between. This machine shoots straight forward, so the higher the snow machine is placed the better the snow fall effect will look, or you can request the floor bracket so it can shoot up in the air creating a wonderful falling snow effect.

The versatile control options include built-in electronic timer, DMX with RDM, stand alone operation, and built-in wireless remote, making the unit suitable for all venues types from small theaters to large arenas. Internal insulation helps dampen the operating volume to allow for use when quieter operation is required.

The snow is fake, but the look is very realistic.
The artificial snowfall is a biodegradable, nontoxic and proprietary concentrate that is added to water in the tank.

Artificial snow fluid is sold separately and not included in the rental price.

Tank Capacity: 5 liters (1.32 gallons)
Snow Fall Area: 15ftx20ft

1 hours of snow fluid = $70
2 hours of snow fluid = $140
3 hours of snow fluid = $210
4hours of snow fluid = $280

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110V Outlet:


Actual Size:

Space Required:


  • 1 Hour snow fluid (SW-300)

    snow machine 300 - 1 hour = 4 bottles 

  • 2 Hour snow fluid (SW- 300)

    Snow machine 300 - 2 hours = 8 bottles

  • 3 Hour snow fluid (SW- 300 )

    Snow machine 300 - 3 hours = 12 bottles

  • 4 Hour snow fluid (SW- 300)

    Snow machine 300 - 4 hours = 16 bottles 

  • Customer will provide with their electrical outlet

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