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Petting Zoo* Petting Zoo* Petting Zoo* Petting Zoo*

Petting Zoo*


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E-I-E-I-O!! No farm is COMPLETE without animals!
Our Farms animals love to travel... We Bring the Farm to You!

Petting zoos are a great addition to any event and are thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults. You can also add a pony ride to the petting zoo and provide twice as much fun and excitement in your party. Offered year-round, the standard, outdoor or indoor petting zoo includes approximately 12-18 animals, such as bunnies, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs and by request a miniature pony or a miniature donkey. Additional animals, are available upon request.

All our animals are gentle and love attention from adults and children. Great addition for birthday parties, in-house school field trips, festivals, company & church events, senior centers, theme parties, Christmas and Easter events, and even family reunions.

Our petting zoos are customizable according to your requirements. All you have to do is inform us about the event you are having and we will prepare a petting zoo that will fit your needs. Cleaning up after the animals is provided by us.

Don't forget your camera, great opportunity for those special "awww" pictures.

All our adorable farm animals add up to a barnyard full of fun!

We also offer fun party add-ons and themes...

Holliday decorated Petting Zoos.

Holiday or event dressed animals.

Bunny Petting Zoo & Parties

Animals of Bethlehem

BOOK your next phenomenal event or party with us TODAY!

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