Interactive inflatable games are the perfect rental items for all types of parties.  School carnivals, company picnics, and older kids birthday parties are the perfect venues for interactive games and inflatables.  

Are you planning a party for teens, pre-teens, or young adults?  Interactive inflatables are the answer as these age groups are too big for a traditional bouncy castle.  They are also funny to watch and provide great opportunities for videos for social media and online sharing.  The results can be quite hilarious!

So what are the different options for interactive game rentals?

The inflatable joust was one of the first interactive inflatables to come onto the market.  The premise of the inflatable jousting arena is that two players get on elevated soft platforms and try to knock each other off the platform. Don’t worry though, the landing is soft!

The bungee run is also a very classic interactive game rental that has been around for years!  Two participants line up against each other and try to run further on the inflatable lanes to get further than the other player before getting yanked back by the bungee cord that is hooked to their bungy run harness.  This game is great for teens!

Another game that has come out recently and really taken parties by storm is the Wipeout Big Baller inflatable.  You have probably seen this game in inflatable parks and indoor centers.  The basic premise of this inflatable game is to get across the big red balls and to the other end without falling.  This game is hilarious to watch!  You need speed and agility to get across. The floor is lava!

The giant inflatable ninja wall is the newest and coolest inflatable game that has come out.  We have all seen the warped wall on TV on ninja warrior courses, now you can have it at your party!  Our inflatable warped wall is not rigid and hard like a normal warped wall, so you get a safer experience.  The big inflatable ninja wall is super fun!

The wrecking ball inflatable is similar to an inflatable joust game except there are four players rather than two and you try to knock off your opponents with a big foam ball that hangs from the middle of the inflatable structure!  This game is super fun and exciting!

Have you ever tried the Jacob’s ladder at the state fair?  This game is so fun and almost impossible to complete!  Now you can have a ladder climb inflatable at your own party!  Start at the front and climb on the ladder to the end to win!  This game is so challenging and hilarious to watch!

In Arizona we don’t have many opportunities for corn mazes where we live.  But with our inflatable corn maze you can have a maze almost anywhere! 

Inflatable games are the perfect way to have fun interaction at your party!  Rent interactive inflatable games today!