Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen for Your Next Party

Coming up with creative party ideas can be difficult today when there are so many different scattered ideas on what is fun to kids, teens, and adults. Many activities are centered around specific age groups. There are few activities that are appropriate and fun for all ages. One activity that is great for all ages is having an outdoor inflatable movie screen at your next party.

Inflatable outdoor movie screens make a huge statement at your next party or special event. Inflatable movie screens are large structures that inflate in your backyard, poolside, or community center. These units are often mobile pieces that are rented by inflatable rental companies. They come in many different sizes from six feet wide to over one hundred feet wide.

Most inflatable screen rentals come with a projector, speaker set up, and the screen. Be sure that the equipment you are renting is commercial grade. You can purchase smaller screens at discount stores, but these are not the big screens that will really wow your guests. One very important thing not to overlook with your movie screen rental is the audio set up. This will set your party apart. Many audio systems support MP3 and CD’s which can be nice for before and after movie music.

If you are holding a movie night for a public event be sure that you check into movie licensing. This is important and often overlooked. If you are hosting a public event, you should check with a movie licensing company to make sure you are compliant with all applicable laws and licenses. Inflatable outdoor movie screens can be set up almost anywhere. Parks are a great place to set up your movie night, as are backyards. One of the best places to set up your movie screen is next to your pool at your house or community center. These movie nights are often referred to as “dive in movies”.

Movie nights are very unique for any party. You can use them for a grad night, family reunion, church party, or a birthday party. No matter what your party occasion, movie screens will truly set your party apart from the rest. Check with your local party rental company to see what they offer in this unique party offering.