Phoenix Bungee Trampoline

Rent a Bungee Trampoline in Phoenix, AZ!


Launch yourself into the air with the bungee trampoline rental! The bungee trampoline is one of the most popular things to do at a carnival or festival. Our four station bungy trampoline launches you up to 25' in the air! You can get many people through this ride in a short period of time. The bungee trampoline is the most premium entertainment attraction that you can rent for any event!

A bungee trampoline Eurobungy is one of the most impressive rental items that you can have for a school carnival, company picnic, or birthday party. It's height and acrobatics will attract attention from all around. Be sure to rent a bungee trampoline for your next party!

our service includes:

•Set-up and Tear Down of all rented equipment
•4 Trained Staff
•3 Hours of Party Time
•Stanchions and Rope

Bungee Trampoline Questions...

Q: What age group is appropriate for a bungee trampoline?
A: Many age groups can jump on a bungee trampoline because each rider jumps at their own pace. Our trained bungee trampoline operators assist every rider so that they maximize their bungee trampoline experience.

Q: Why is a bungee trampoline rental so expensive?
A: Bungee trampolines are a little more expensive because they require more staffing to operate. We send four staff people out to operate a bungee trampoline rental. This ensures that each bungee trampoline rider will have a fun time and an experience to remember!

Q: How far in advance should we rent a bungee trampoline?
A: We have many bungee trampoline units. However, if you know your party date we always recommend booking your unit far in advance. We book our dates quickly and always work on a first-come first-served basis.

Q: Can adults ride the bungee trampoline?
A: Yes. The maximum weight limit for a bungee trampoline is 225 pounds. We also do not recommend that adults do flips. Adults are less flexible than kids and can become injured easier.

Q: Is it safe to ride a bungee trampoline?
A: Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed to be safe. We take every precaution to ensure you have a safe bungee trampoline experience.

Q: Are these bungee trampolines the same ones as in the mall?
A: Yes, these are the same bungee trampolines as in the mall.


40' Diameter


2 outlets


60-80 per hour


4 (included)


6 and up