Pick the Right Inflatable

0-2 years old: Inflatables are not intended for children under two years of age. Most inflatable safety experts agree that children of this age should not be on inflatable bouncers or slides.

3-6 years old: Most kids in this age group are happy with standard bouncers. When you rent a bouncer for this age group make sure to reserve a bouncer that is at least 15’ wide and 15’ deep. This will ensure that you can get ten kids in the bouncer at a time. Anything smaller than that and you will need to have kids split up into smaller groups. Kids in this age range can be sometimes scared of large inflatables like giant slides, or water slides.

7-11 years old: Kids in this age group are looking for something a little larger than a regular bounce house. A great option for these kids would be an inflatable combo bouncer. Combos combine a bouncer and a slide all into one unit. These inflatables are often times larger than a bounce house and allow kids to do more than just bounce. This age group also loves water slides during the summer time and interactive games possibly during the cooler months. They may not yet be ready for jousting, boxing, or bungee runs however.

12-18 years old: This age group is the most difficult to plan with for a party. This age group is past the age for bounce houses. They want something more interactive like a slip-n-slide or larger water slide. They also want you to rent an interactive game. The most popular inflatable games among this age group are the jousts, bungee runs, and bouncy boxing. These kids want to compete against each other and embarrass their friends in competition. The interactive inflatables are perfect for this!

Kids at heart (aka adults): Adults like all inflatables. There are times when full grown adults want to rent a bouncer for the nostalgic feeling they get when bouncing with their friends. Most commercial bouncers can handle adult weight. Other great inflatables for adults are mechanical bulls, jousts, bungee runs, and obstacle courses. Inflatable manufacturers also make inflatable bars that you can set up at your party! The possibilities for inflatable fun with adults is really endless!