Ballistic Swing Ride


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Ballistic Swings

Our newest Carnival Swing can hold more riders of our traditional swing ride! 16 riders at a time allows for massive throuput! Having a ride like the Ballistic Swing at your carnival is a very good idea because you can get everyone through very quickly. Let everyone have a turn at your next event!

The Ballistic Swing Ride is super fast and riders get almost completely horizontal as they swing around. It can also hold kids and adults. This is a heavy duty, carnival style swing ride.

our service includes:

•Set-up and Tear Down of all rented equipment
•1 trained and friendly staff
•Fencing and barricades for ride
•Generator to run Ballistic Swings


50' Diameter


Single Outlet - Power included


200 people per hour


1 included in price


6 & up