Have you ever planned an event and not been able to figure out what your guests might like to enjoy? You have the dinner planned and the DJ with the music, but what else? The latest trend in events has turned to arcade game rentals.

Arcade games have been popular for the last several years for many reasons.

  1. People enjoy nostalgic arcades. Themes like Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Centipede have been around for years and many people remember playing these classic games at their local arcade or pizza parlor.
  2. Not everyone enjoys dancing. After dinner there are not many things for people to do other than drink or dance. There are many people who do not enjoy these activities though and want something fun and competitive. This is especially true amongst Millenials.
  3. Arcade games are FUN! These games are popular for a reason. Arcade games are made to rev up the competitive spirit and provide a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!

When you are planning your next event – be sure to include a few arcade game rentals!