6 PTO Family Night Ideas

Family Movie Night:
Bring everyone to the school in the school yard or into the gym if it’s cold for a movie night at the school. You can easily have a fun family movie night be renting an inflatable screen and obtaining a movie license for the flick that you would like to watch. This is a very easy event to plan as much of this is taken care of by the party rental company that you hire for the movie night.

Trunk or Treat:
Tell your parents to bring their cars full of candy and park them in your school parking lot. Your little students can go from car-to-car trick or treating their little hearts out. This is a great event because the parents can be social along with the kids.

Family Picnic:
Tell everyone to bring their own food and have a fun family picnic out on the lawn. You can plan some fun field games for the kids to play while the parents and teachers socialize amongst themselves.

Game Night:
This is a really simple concept. Each family brings their favorite board game to this family fun night. Your guests can play against each other in their favorite game. This will go a long way to build school spirit!

Night at the Ballpark:
Many professional sports teams will give discounts to large school groups for family nights at the ballpark. Your local team may even have lawn seating which can be really cheaply purchased.

Dance Lessons:
It seems that everyone is in a ballroom dancing craze these days. Why not bring in a dance instructor to teach a large group of families how to dance. This could be a very fun event for everyone and something that is totally unique!