Glowing Party Rentals

Glowing games and LED party rental equipment are all the rage right now! Use this equipment to light up your event. Turn an ordinary party extraordinary with our glowing party rentals!

Glowing Party Game Rentals in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

Glowing party games is a rather new party trend that has really taken off in the past couple years.  They are games that really make your special event pop!  But what are the best glowing party games and what exactly are glowing games for parties?

Glowing games come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.  Most glow games are games that have a classic appeal but have been made even more appealing by adding amazing glowing LED lights in many different colors and patterns.

The most popular glowing game in Scottsdale is our glowing ping pong tables.  We created the glowing ping pong tables and fabricate them in Arizona!  These glowing ping pong tables have been the biggest hit at corporate events and school events alike!

Another very popular glowing game is our famous glowing shuffleboard!  Shuffleboard has been around forever but we have given it a modern twist with LED lights and lighting patterns that really make it stand out!  Again these are made in Arizona!

Besides glowing ping pong and glowing shuffle board we also have glowing foosball, giant foosball, and even have glowing furniture options!

Glow parties will be around for a long time.  They are super popular and really make an event feel special and unique!