Wax Hands


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Wax Hands

Wax hands is the rage for special events. Create a special memento as a take-away item for your next grad night, school carnival, or corporate event. We even do wax hands for private parties as well! If you have a special item you would like the wax hand to be holding, let us know! Good things for wax hands to hold might be mini sports balls, frisbees, or fake cell phones!

our service includes:

• 3 hours of party time
• Additional hours may be purchased.
• 2 of our friendly & knowledgeable staff members
• An 8' x 8' Wax Hands Booth
• Set-up and Tear Down of all rented equipment
• Required Space for Setup (W/D/H): 8W / 8L / 10H


8W / 8D / 10H


single outlet


40 per hour


two (included)


all ages