Bumper Car Rentals


Rent Bumper Cars for your Event!

bumper car rental

Bumper cars are an awesome and unique addition to any party! Our bumper car system is fun for all ages! The unique design of our bumper cars is fun and different!

This bumper car system must be set up on a hard surface like a basketball court, smooth concrete surface, or a smooth tile surface.

There are many advantages to our bumper car setup when comparing to a traditional bumper car trailer.

1. Versatility of setup
2. Low power requirements
3. Fun and vibrant colors
4. Easy to drive
5. Fits in places a trailer cannot

We can set up our bumper cars on clean grass or soft surface at an additional charge.

We will not set up bumper cars on dirt, sand, ice, or wet surfaces.

our service includes:

•Set-up and Tear Down of all rented equipment
•3 Hours of rental time
•1 trained and friendly staff
•Fencing and barricades for ride


30' Diameter


Single Outlet


80 people per hour


1 included in price


6 & up