Basketball Shoot Arcade


Basketball Shoot Arcade Game

basketball shoot arcade game

Rent the Half Court Hoops Basketball Arcade Game today! This modern version of an arcade classic allows a player to shoot longer the more baskets that they sink! This basketball arcade is set to free play for unlimited play!

We can custom brand this arcade for you. Place your company logo or message all over the machine and make it your very own!

Rent a full sized basketball arcade game! Don't settle for home versions of a pop a shot. Get the real deal!

Rent two, three, four, or ten of them and link them all together!

We need a 60 inch wide and 8 foot tall opening to get this unit set up. Clear access and no stairs can be present at set up location. Clear, level, solid path must be present for us to load this machine into place. No rocks, dirt, or sand paths.Please call for details.

our service includes:

• 6 hours of party time
• Set-up and Tear Down of all rented equipment
• Required Space for Setup (W/D/H): 4ft x 8ft x 8ft


4ft x 8ft x 8ft


single outlet






All Ages