Inflatable Water Slide Rentals in Phoenix, AZ

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Water Slide Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona!

Inflatable water slides are perfect for the summer time in Arizona! We have water slides that fit every age group. If you have small kids at your party, go for our toddler water slide. Trying to shock and amaze guests? Go with our four-story tall Tidal Wave Water Slide! It's one of the biggest water slides in the world!

We rent the most extreme inflatable water slides in the world! Be sure to ask about our crazy packages and water park experiences we can provide!

Worlds Tallest Water Slide

42' Drop Kick Water Slide
Rent the World's Tallest Water Slide!

Hippo Slide Rental

40' Hippo Water Slide
Rent the Extreme Hippo Slide!

Arizona Water Slides

16' Shark Water Slide
$245 Wet
$195 Dry

Tidal Wave Water Slide

Tidal Wave Slide
Rent one of the Biggest Water Slides in the World!

Tropical Water Slide

27' Tropical Water Slide
$695 Wet
$495 Dry

wipeout water slide rental

19' Wipeout Water Slide
$325 Wet
$275 Dry

whale slide rental

Whale Slide
$395 Dry Slide Only

Kong Slide

28' Kong Slide
$995 Dry Slide Only

24 foot Giant Slide

24' Dual Lane Slide
$495 Wet
$395 Dry

aqualoop water slide

19' Aqualoop Water Slide
$395 Wet Slide

tiki island Water Slide

Tiki Island Slide
$325 Wet
$275 Dry

big kahuna water slide

Big Kahuna Slide
$325 Wet
$275 Dry

Roaring River Water Slide

22' Roaring River Water Slide
$495 Wet
$395 Dry

Western Water Slide

Western Inflatable Slide
$495 Wet
$395 Dry

18' Inflatable Slide

18' Inflatable Slide
$295 Wet
$255 Dry

super splash water slide

Super Splash Slide
$295 Wet
$255 Dry

rockin rapids slide

Rockin Rapids Slide
$325 Wet
$255 Dry

Phoenix Water Slides

12' Water Slide
$225 Wet
$185 Dry

Kids Water Slides

10' Toddler Water Slide
$175 Wet
$125 Dry

inflatable water slides in az

Great Summer Party Idea for the Arizona heat!

These water slides are truly the most fun inflatable during the summer. Rent a waterslide for a birthday party, company picnic, summer camp, or just for a day of fun in the hot summer sun! Read our water slide rental FAQ for answers to all your inflatable water slide questions.

When you are thinking about renting an inflatable water slides, be sure to size it to the size of the riders.  Most small kids, 6 and under would be best served with a slide 16' and smaller.  If you are trying to satisfy a wide range of kids, our 18' slide or 20' dolphin slide are great options.

When you are trying to really impress your guests, go for either our 27' tropical slide or 36' tall Tidal Wave slide!  These two slides are meant for older kids and will be head-turning at any type of event!

There are many questions we are asked when customers rent water slides.  Here are some of the most common questions:

How tall are these slides?

The height of the slide is from the ground to the TOP of the slide.  For example, our 36' Tidal Wave slide is 36' tall from the ground to the very tip top of the slide.  The slide platform is about 27' from the ground.  There are some who will claim to have a 32' or 42' or even 50' slide, but they may be measuring the LENGTH of the slide.  Don't be fooled!  There is a huge difference between a slide that measures 36' tall versus 36' long!

Will my grass get ruined with an inflatable water slide?

We tarp the fronts of the water slides when we set them up.  The slide is continuously running water, which does create a damp situation.  There probably will be mud with any water slide.  It is just part of the deal.

Why do water slides cost more to rent than dry slides?

There is considerably more operational cost with operating water slides versus dry slides.  Drying time, repair time, and purchase cost all factor into charging more for water slides than dry slides.

Why don't you rent wet inflatable combos?

The simple answer is that inflatable combos are not safe nor sanitary.  We avoid renting units that involve kids bouncing on wet surfaces.  It just is not a safe situation.

Do I need a water source for an inflatable water slide?

Yes, the only way to have an inflatable water slide at your party is to have a regular hose spigot availble to hook up the water slide.  There is no other way.

Can I rent a water slide at a city park?

Probably not.  Most city parks do not allow water slides or dunk tanks.

Add-On Specials

Add popcorn, cotton candy, or snow cone machine to your inflatable rentals for $59 .00

Add some Party Supplies to your inflatable water slide rentals

Additional delivery fees may apply for certain area rentals. Normal setup is within 75 feet of power and water source. Please Contact Us for further rentals details.

AZ Bounce Pro reserves the right to charge additional fees for restricted delivery times, park deliveries, and distance charges. AZ Bounce Pro does sell out most weekends and we cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available at all times. AZ Bounce Pro may have delivery minimum charges on busy dates.

Read our latest customer Testimonial...

We had an awesome experience. The 12 foot water slide was awesome and a huge hit with our preschool aged guests. Totally professional set-up and tear down. We will be using you again!