Honda EU6500 Product Review

Generators are often the most misunderstood and most difficult part of a rental fleet in the inflatable world.  Watts, amps, and electricity in general seem to confuse most people when they first start out in the bounce house and inflatable rental business.

We recently acquired new generators for our rental fleet at AZ Bounce Pro.   We purchased new Honda EU6500 generators.  As the name implies the generators are 6500 max (surge) watts and 5500 running watts.

We have owned several different generator types over the years.  We’ve had Generac, Briggs and Stratton, and other generic brands of generators, and none compare to the quality, power output, cost (not in a good way!), or low noise level of the EU series Honda generator.

First off, the Honday EU6500 runs almost $4,000 to purchase brand new.  I will preface this review with that.  It is often out of one’s budget to purchase one of these generator.  We paid $3,850 for each one of ours from a local vendor who carries many of these generators in stock.  So is the generator worth the money?

The first thing that everyone notices about these generators is the low noise level.  Traditional gas powered generators are known for being loud and generally pretty annoying.  The EU6500 is so quiet you can carry on a conversation with someone while standing only a few feet away.  Turn on the “ECO mode” on the display panel and you can barely hear the thing running!  The EU6500 delivers great power at only 60 dB!  Most standard generators run at 70 dB and more.

The display panel or control panel of the EU6500 is one of the most impressive of any generator I have ever used.  There is a digital display that shows you how many hours are on the unit.  You can also check the voltage and the wattage being used by the generator at any given time.  This is particularly useful when you are at a large event, plugging in multiple blowers all at once.

So how much capacity does the EU6500 have in terms of blowers?  We can run up to FIVE one horsepower blowers on this generator, possibly more if we really pushed the generator to its max.  For different mixtures of blower power I would lower the blower count.  For example, I would run a max of four 1.5 hp blowers, and maybe three 2.0 horsepower blowers, although I have not tested these different scenarios.

The generator comes with two separate 20 amp circuits, and one 30 amp, three prong receptacle.  We purchased a three prong adapter with three separate “regular” plugs that come off the end of the adapter.  This adapter is how we run five blowers on the generator.

Are there any downsides to the EU6500 generator from Honda?  Yes, the only downside to this stellar generator is fuel capacity.  The fuel tank only holds 4.5 gallons of fuel.  When running at full bore this generator is rated to run for 4.7 hours, which is pretty accurate in our estimation.  At 1/4 load the generator is supposed to run for 14 hours.  However, that would mean we would only be running one blower on the generator, at which point we would run one of our EU3000 generators.

All in all, the EU6500 generator by Honda is the most impressive piece of generator equipment we’ve ever purchased.  We have had many different types of generators since we started our bounce house business and this is by far, not even close, the best!  I highly recommend purchasing a Honda EU6500is for your own rental fleet, if you can afford it.  They are a great long term investment for any party rental company.



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