High School Tailgate Parties

High school football season is in full swing!  This is a very exciting time for high schoolers and their parents.  High school football is a great time for everyone to get together and rally around a common cause, helping their guys win when it counts in the big game!


High school football games are also a great time to gather everyone together for a great tailgating experience.  You go to a tailgate party at college and pro football games, so why not have that same experience at your high school football games?


When you are going to throw a tailgate party at a high school football game you should arrange it with your PTO, PTA, or other parent booster club.  They will be able to help you with the plans and preparations for the tailgate party.  You also need to publicize it well so that people show up early for the tailgate!


Tailgate parties work best on Saturday games.  Most high school games are played on Friday nights, which means it is hard for people to get there much before the game starts.  Planning your tailgate party on a day when there is a Saturday game is a better idea.  When it is on a Saturday, at least all the fans can get there in plenty of time to tailgate.


Have some fun inflatable games at your tailgate party.  Things like bungee runs, jousts, and obstacle courses are great at these events.  It really gets the kids involved and having fun.


Have the parents bring out their big grills from home and have a great tailgate cookout as well.  No tailgate is complete without food.  Make hot dogs, hamburgers, and have plent of chips and dip on hand.


You will find that tailgate parties for high school games can be a great time.  It is a great way to rally the team’s parents and fans around their team.

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