5 School Carnival Tips for Your PTO and PTA

School Carnivals are Fundraisers!

When you approach the planning of a school carnival, you must remember that the carnival’s intent is to raise money for the school, PTO, or PTA organization.  It should be viewed simply as such.  Do things at the carnival that people are interested in and want to spend their time doing.

Ditch the Theme

Don’t get carried away with trying to theme your carnival after a very specific genre or time period.  Many times you will sacrifice your carnival’s creativity and fun because you are trying to hold too close to a certain theme.

Simple Food

Keep the carnival food selection very simple.  Limit the menu to hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, sodas, water, and a few concession items.  Having a very diverse selection of food at your carnival will create long lines at your carnival and could upset many of your carnival-goers.  PTO carnival organizers many times get too carried away with food selections.  Just remember, people are cranky and not as generous when they are hungry!

HIRE solid vendors

When you are looking for vendors for your PTO carnival be sure to hire great vendors for food, entertainment, and other services that you are going to offer at your carnival.  Gathering donations and freebies from companies around your area will result in many no-shows and a poor showing at your carnival.  Hire professionals to do things like provide generators for power, light towers for evening carnivals, and the inflatables for kids.  Don’t take chances hoping that a donation will show up.  Free donations are at the bottom of the priority list for these vendors and you do not want to be on the bottom of anyone’s list for your school carnival.

Have a carnival on a Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoons are a great time to plan a school carnival.  Saturdays work out so much better than Fridays because families often times have down time during the afternoon hours of Saturdays.  Fridays are tough for most families when both parents work and there are things to arrange like dinner and other end-of-the-week activities.

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3 Responses to “5 School Carnival Tips for Your PTO and PTA”

  1. Anthony says:

    I have heard SO many times that hiring the right business is the most important part of planning. Most people go for the cheapest price, but ends up costing headaches in the end. Your hire solid vendors point is right on!

  2. Matt says:

    During this past year we have done a few school events as a vendor just for our bounce houses and we noticed how much of a mess it was. After talking to the PTA, we found out that they went cheap on everything, and due to this, the quality of what they had was bad. we offered them a solution of us doing all the work, of getting all the vendors they want, and all the activities, and we had the first holiday party last weekend, and it went off with out a hitch. Having someone take care of all the legwork will pay off. Our company has received dozens of calls for help with other events just this week. its a win win for everyone.

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