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Rent a mechanical bull in Phoenix, Arizona

A Mechanical Bull is a must for any graduation party, festival, school carnival, or company picnic. This mechanical bull ride is sure to get the crowd excited! This bull is the real deal and will buck you! Mechanical bulls are recommend for older kids, teenagers, and adults. Smaller kids can ride the bull with parental approval. The mechanical bull can be made to move slower for smaller kids. Every participant will sign a waiver of liability to ride the mechanical bull.

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Arizona Mechanical Bull

Bucking Bull rental

mechanical bulls phoenix

$650/3 hours
$750/4 hours
Call for event of longer time periods

Mechanical Bull Dimensions: 15'x15'
Required Space for Setup: 20'x20'

Hold a Bull Ride Off! Two Bulls!

Arizona Mechanical Bulls

$1,095/3 hours
$1,195/4 hours
Call for event of longer time periods

Mechanical Bull Ride Off Dimensions: 15'x30'
Required Space for Setup: 20'x40'

Have questions about mechanical bull rentals? Read our mechanical bull rental FAQ's.

Bull Rental Price Includes: Set-up, Attendant for Bull Operation, 3 or 4 hours of party time.* Additional hours may be purchased for $100 per hour.

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A mechanical bull is a great rental item to have if you are throwing a western themed party, graduation party, company picnic, birthday party, or any type of event that needs entertainment for all ages. AZ Bounce Pro offers the best Phoenix mechanical bull rentals in the entire valley. Let our trained staff run your fun for you.

How does a mechanical bull rental work? We will deliver the mechanical bull and set it up in a timely manner for your party. After setup our trained staff will operate the mechanical bull for the duration of your event. Don't rent a mechanical bull if the company you are renting from does not include an operator! These machines are not toys and need to be operated by someone who is trained!

Is there padding under the bull? The mechanical bull is surrounded by an inflatable air mattress, the same kind of surface as a bounce house. There are also foam pads surrounding any metal parts of the mechanical bull base, so as to prevent injuries. The head of the bull is rubber, so it is softer than the old fiberglass or metal bull heads. Safety is our number one priority at AZ Bounce Pro.

Why are mechanical bull rentals so expensive? Mechanical bulls are very expensive pieces of equipment that require full time supervision, great amounts of maintenance and upkeep, and a large amount of liability insurance. AZ Bounce Pro includes all of this in their bull rentals. Do not rent from a bull operator who does not have the proper insurance!

Is the mechanical bull big enough to buck adults? Can kids ride? Yes! This bull can be set to mild for little kids or wild for full-grown men! It is our operator's job to provide every bull rider with a great memorable experience, not to throw everyone off. You will have a great time with this bull!

Will AZ Bounce Pro operate at a pay-for-play event with the bull? Yes, please contact our office at 623-236-9591 to inquire about having our mechanical bull at a pay-for-play carnival or party. We typically charge about $5 per ride at pay-for-play events. Participant minimums do apply for certain types of events.

How much power does a mechanical bull require? AZ Bounce Pro requires two seperate 20amp circuits for the bull. We can provide a generator for the bull if necessary at an additional cost.

What parts of Arizona do you service? We rent mechanical bulls to all parts of Arizona. We primarily serve the Phoenix area but will deliver anywhere in Arizona. Delivery charges may apply for mechanical bull rentals outside of Phoenix.

Add-On Specials

Add popcorn, cotton candy, or snow cone machine to your mechanical bull rentals for $49.00

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Additional delivery fees may apply for certain area rentals. Normal setup is within 75 feet of power and water source. Please Contact Us for further rentals details.

AZ Bounce Pro reserves the right to charge additional fees for restricted delivery times, park deliveries, and distance charges. AZ Bounce Pro does sell out most weekends and we cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available at all times. AZ Bounce Pro may have delivery minimum charges on busy dates.

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