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Q: Where does the water come from for the water slide?

A: The water for a water slide rental comes from the customer's location. We do not provide water. The rental location must provide a working water hook up for us to use.

Q: Will the slide kill my grass?

A: The water slide will leave your yard wet. We put down tarps so that the damage to your yard is minimized. We cannot guarantee that no grass will be damaged by the water.

Q: Does the water on the water slide recirculate?

A: No, the water does not recirculate.

Q: Can my kids make it up the slide?

A: We can't guarantee that every child can get up every single slide. Our 10' Slide, 12' Slide, 14' Slide, and 16' Shark Slide are the easiest slides to climb. Our slides 18' and over are recommended for kids 6 and over. We cannot guarantee however that every single child over 6 years old will make it up every single slide.

Q: Can we pick up the slide and set it up ourselves to save money?

A: No, we do not provide this option. These slides weigh over 300 pounds (that is for our smallest slide).

Q: Why are water slides more than dry slides?

A: Inflatable water slides cost more to rent because there is considerably more work involved to set up, tear down, and maintain water slides. These slides weigh 300 pounds dry. Add about 100 gallons of water and you have a very heavy piece of equipment!

Q: Can I rent a water slide in a park?

A: Maybe. Most parks do not allow water slides because they do not have a hook up for a hose available for use. Some parks do allow water slide rentals, but it is rare. We recommend renting a water slide at your house.

Q: Is the slide surface hot in the summer?

A: Water is continuously running on the surface of the slide so the surface is much cooler than without water. Water slides are our top renter during the hot summer months.

Water Slide Rental Packages

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