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AZ Bounce Pro carries one of the largest selections of bouncer rentals in the whole Southwest. Let us handle the setup and delivery of your bouncer for your special day. We carry themed bouncers to fit almost any type of party or more generic styles for gender neutral parties.

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Bouncer Rental Questions

How far in advance should I rent a bouncer?

We have customers who rent a year in advance and some who rent the day before.  We work on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you want the best selection of products, you should call early.

What types of surfaces can you set up a bouncer on?

We will set up bouncers on grass, dirt, asphalt, or concrete.  We will not set up on sand.  Please let us know which surface you want us to set up on so we can bring along the proper anchoring.

Do you allow customer pickup of bouncers?

Yes we do!  For only $89 you can come to our warehouse in North Phoenix and pick up a bouncer rental and set it up yourself.  We will show you how to do it, so you can save money and have a bouncer of your very own for the whole weekend.

Can we set up in a city park?

AZ Bounce Pro carries the proper amount of insurance to set up in city parks.  We do have park set up blackout dates and do charge additional fees to set up in parks.  You may also need to rent a generator if the park does not have power.  (Most parks do not)

Do you have themes not listed on your website?

We have most of our products on our site.  If there is a product you don't see simply email or call us to see if we have it.  There are some themes that are not made or can't be made, so just ask!

Does AZ Bounce Pro price match competitors' pricing?

No we do not.  We believe that you "get what you pay for" so we do not honor coupons, groupons, or other "deals" from competitors.

How much room do we need to set up a bouncer?

It depends on the bouncer, but generally speaking we have dimensions listed for our bouncers and inflatables throughout our website.  Just call if you are unsure!

What are bouncers made out of?

Commercial grade bounce houses are made out of vinyl.  Most of the time commercial vinyl is either a 15 ounce or 18 ounce weight.  Bouncers you buy in toy stores are usually made out of cheap nylon or even plastic or rubber similar to pool floaties, and are not appropriate for multiple children.

Can I rent a bouncer overnight?

Sure, we offer that service all the time.  As long as your desired bouncer is available and you have a secure party location, we can offer overnight service for only $40 additional.  Ask about keeping the bouncer overnight when you checkout.

Are the bouncers hot inside?

The temperature inside the unit is about the same as the temperature of the air outside.  Bouncer surfaces get hot when they are in contact with sunlight, which is why most of our bouncers have either vinyl or mesh roofs on them.

Add-On Specials

Add popcorn, cotton candy, or snow cone machine to your inflatable rentals for $59 .00

Add some Party Supplies to your inflatable rentals

Additional delivery fees may apply for certain area rentals. Normal setup is within 75 feet of power and water source. Please Contact Us for further rentals details.

AZ Bounce Pro reserves the right to charge additional fees for restricted delivery times, park deliveries, and distance charges. AZ Bounce Pro does sell out most weekends and we cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available at all times. AZ Bounce Pro may have delivery minimum charges on busy dates.

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I just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the Bouncy and your Company. Everyone I dealt with there was great - from you on the phone to the guy who did the setup and tear down of the bouncy! Thanks so much! My neighbor is going to be calling you soon regarding a party they are doing! - Lisa H., Glendale, AZ